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Why are they comparing Michelle Obama to the past First Lady, Mrs. Kennedy? Do they really have the same look and style? Or are there similarities but distinct differences?

The media is always comparing Ms. Obama to Ms. Kennedy in their styles. They do share some commonalities but there are distinct differences between the two. Let me explain.

At CHUVA we use 4-Personal Clothing Styles: classic, dramatic, romantic, dramatic. These styles can be represented by physical characteristics and/or personalities. For the first lady, she possess physical characteristics of a classic, but her inner personal clothing style is what we call “natural”.

Therefore, Ms. Obama has a classic look and more casual personality. I have seen the first lady in person and her presence is more natural. Therefore, her classic look would define her natural personality. Hence the category: classic/natural

Unlike Ms. Kennedy, she was more of a romantic/classic. Her look was more classic but her inner essence was more romantic. She had a natural touch to her but not to warrant the look and feel of the “natural” clothing style.

One key way to see the difference between a natural and classic is in their makeup. CHUVA’s philosophy of image development is that Science + Art = Style™. For Michelle Obama, scientifically her coloring calls for dark, vivid, bright colors in makeup. But as a natural personality style she would prefer not to wear makeup, very little if any. You can Google her and see some of her old pictures, most of the time she is not wearing makeup.

For the most part, of what I have seen they have done a great job with the makeup. It is cool colors, but very soft or muted. And that is how a classic/natural would wear makeup, but when it comes to dress, it is across the board. You can see the pictures below with some of my comments.

Love the jacket, it brings her upper body lower. She has a short waist, so the waistline needs to be brought down. I am not crazy about the color for her. It makes her look green, and I would have not done green shoes.

This is a very elegant look. It fits the body perfectly. The pattern is from a weave or sequins…not a print. It shows off her great arms. Her makeup is elegant, soft and great hair style.


Sweaters just make her seem a little too old style.. The wide belts are definitely a no-no…








Congratulations Michelle. This look is very elegant and I love the more dramatic layers of pearls.  They take the outfit beyond the traditional look. The texture of the dress is beautiful. I would have made the dress with a more dropped waist but beautiful!

What were they thinking? The colors of the outfit are great, but red? It overpowered her husband. In addition, on stage and TV it was hard to tell what she was wearing. I would have liked it better without the waisted beltline. It would have elongated her torso. If you notice Ms. Biden, they can almost be the same style…although I believe she is a little more classic than Ms. Obama.

No comments on this outfit!


  • Mary Sue
    February 9, 2010, 10:51 PM  Reply

    I totally agree with Parker. Job well done!

  • February 24, 2010, 9:05 PM  Reply

    I found this very interesting. Can’t wait for more.

  • Viki
    February 25, 2010, 4:08 PM  Reply

    Great insights. I agree. However, I would not put warm colors (hair and makeup) on a cool person. The fashion industry credits her with a new interest in belts. That migh explain some of the above “goofs”.

  • renato
    July 28, 2010, 3:39 PM  Reply

    Parker, your comentary is very good. Ricardo Congratulations for your website

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