Where do I put my napkin and silverware during a meal?

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Business MealYou are correct. Misplacing your silverware or napkin will not make or break the deal. Knowing the  rules let’s everyone know what is expecting of them. Imagine a society without laws. It could be total chaos. Knowing how to handle yourself does not mean that you are better then someone else. Keep in mind that etiquette rules also helps the servers as well.

On a side note, knowing what is expected of you gives you confidence. In addition, you concentration is on the business not wondering if you are doing the right thing or not. And when others see you interacting with confidence, it’s that confidence that promotes success!

Silverware Placement:

When placing silverware while resting the fork should be placed at 8 and 12 o’clock position and the knife at the 4 and 12 o’clock position.


When placing silverware when finished eating the fork and knife should rest together in the 4 and 12 o’clock position.


Whenever you leave the table during the meal, you napkin should go on the seat. Once you pick something off the table it should never touch it again…excluding drinks of courseJ

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