What is in a name when it comes to building your Personal Brand?

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Ralph Lauren is a very well known brand globally and it all started with his name. But his name was not Ralph Lauren, it was Ralph Lifshitz. So he changed it to have more panache for his company.

I am not suggesting that you change your name. What I am suggesting is that you realize as you build your Personal Brand that your “company name” is your personal name. Your picture is your logo; however, it is important that when others hear your name, that it creates the “picture” that represents you.

In other words, when others hear your name, a picture is created in their mind. From your reputation, what pictures are they creating? A positive one; one that is respected within your field of expertise? Or one that is not so positive?


Remember, you control the picture that someone creates, simply by hearing your name. What have you done today to make sure your name clearly defines who you are?

As you create your Personal Brand you want to ensure that your name:

1. Creates a positive image.

Everything you say, do, touch and create, can ensure that when your name is heard, this conveys a positive image in the mind’s of others.

2. Creates visual appeal.

When others hear your name, does it have a visual appeal? In other words, is your “image”, the way you dress enhancing your brand name or detracting from it?

3. Creates a consistent message.

It is important that you are consistent in how you brand yourself. In other words, everything you do must be consistent, so that when others hear your name, a positive clear message is conveyed.

4. Think long term.

Your name is going to be with you forever. Unlike a company, you probably will not change your name so remember; you are in this for the long haul of your career. So make your name count!!

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