My wife had her colors “done”. I know it helped her with makeup and all but what about for men. Do we need our color done too? If so, why?

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 Color AnalysisWhat is Color Analysis?

It is just as critical for men to have their colors “done” as it is for women. This process is technically called Color Analysis. It is a system that helps determine the best colors for your wardrobe pieces, accessories, and hair color (yes men color their hair).

Color is the core element in building a personal or professional image. In fact, today more than ever, from top executives to celebrities, people are realizing how critical color is in the personal branding process.

Color is not only used to build one’s wardrobe. Many are now starting to realize that color is one of the most powerful communication tools to help market and brand themselves. For example, color can create a more authoritative or approachable look, as well as a more formal feel. It all depends on how one desires to position themselves.

Aside from the psychological impact of color, there are many advantages in knowing which colors best harmonize with your personal coloring:

Saves Time and Money
You can reduce your shopping time by 50% and your mistakes by 100%. For example, once you know your wardrobe color boundaries, you can simply walk to a rack of clothing and scan for your colors. If they are not there then move on… you just saved time.  Not to mention making a purchase that would not have been a good investment.

As you shop, be aware of fashion color trends. They are important in helping one ensure that your image is current. The key is to know how to interpret the color interpretation from your palette. For example, if gray is “in fashion”, are you better in a dove gray (warm undertones) or a charcoal gray (cool undertones)? A particular Wardrobe Color Palette makes this determination.

Builds Self-Confidence
Wearing the right colors is important, but by itself, is not going to make you successful. Knowing you are doing all the right “things” creates confidence, and it is that confidence that translates into success.

Buy With Confidence
You will also be equipped with knowledge of color analysis when you venture to make purchases for any items for your wardrobe. It will not be easy for salespeople to sell you something that is not right for you. You will know with certainty whether or not garment is a good investment.

Color AnalysisColor Concept
Below are the 4 Elemental Color Palettes that I have created to help teach you how to wear colors more effectively, while at the same time saving you time and money. To determine your Wardrobe Color Palette we look at the hue, value and chroma of your skin, hair and eyes. These physically characteristics help determine your palette.

Myth:  “I can wear all the 33 colors from my palette well.”

Not necessarily. You can be blend of palettes. To determine which colors are your very best and are great investments, we put each color drape independently under your face. Each color is charted with a value level of 1-5. This is you called you Wardrobe Color Value™. Five is the very best color and can be worn in a solid below and above the waistline; less of a number, less of a solid.

For example, if you receive a value of five on charcoal gray, then that would be a great investment for a suit. If you received a value of 3 or less that would not be a good investment for you.

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So what goes into a Color Analysis?

Wardrobe Elemental Color Palettes™

First, you have to understand the palettes that are available to you.

Below are the 4-Wardrobe Color Palettes. Each description gives you an idea of how the total look should be when building your wardrobe.

Color Concept: Think warm, clear, and bright colors.  Think of a wood fire, how the flames are predominately bright yellow and red and almost transparent. Yes, there are some blue flames as well, but that is how nature mixes warm and cool colors; however, the predominant concept is warm.

Color Concept: Think deep, rich, warm tones from the earth, such as clay. This palette is great in that it contains bright colors like that of the leaves when the fall season first begins. But it also has muted tones, reminiscent of when those same fall leaves have lost their vibrancy.

Color Concept: Think blue, cool, gray, and dusty. Imagine the mountains in the horizon and how the haze blends the sky and mountains as one. You can see the distinction, but they “blend” together. This palette has a soft richness to it.

Color Concept: Vivid, sharp contrast between light and dark. Water is clear and crisp, like that of the colors that make up this palette. Think of a pool of clear, blue water.  You can see right through its clear consistency. Or consider the Caribbean’s clear ocean water, with a consistency almost like glass.

Which Wardrobe Color Palette do you think would look best on you? Click here to learn more about CHUVA groups coaching session on Color!


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