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What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

Personal brand color and you! I ran across this article on called, “Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Color in Marketing.” Of course this caught my attention so

Define your destiny…Create a personal 360 feedback to create your personal development agenda!

Being the cream of the crop is NOT being the best there is…it is being the best you can BE…And you can only be the best you can be by

What are some ways to stay aware of your body language? For example, body language is an important factor; however it may not be on your mind constantly while you are networking. Is there a way to help ourselves be more consciously aware of the message we are sending?

Self-Awareness is key here! We all have what I call “home base” with body language, in other words, what is natural to you. And we all have nervous habits or

Is a messy desk costing you a promotion?

Promotion or not? You decide. I found this article about if a messy desk can cost you a promotion! Click here to read the article. As you read the article

What is your Personal Brand Equity?

Personal Brand Equity! What is your Personal Brand Equity? There are two components when you are talking about Personal Brand equity:  tangible and intangible. Tangible refers to how much your

Even in Hollywood, performance can go just so far! Personal Branding is key:-)

Performance impacts your personal brand! Most of us think that performance is everything to your career. Sure, you have to perform to keep your job, but what distinguishes you from

I am sooooo frustrated hearing about Personal Branding. What does it really mean?? HELP!

Personal Brand Alignment Don’t stress out. It is not that complicated, but developing your personal brand takes a strong commitment, time and patience. You have to first wrap your hands

I was at a networking function and this one person tended to get too “close” when speaking with me and others. It made us a little uncomfortable. What is the rule-of-thumb when it comes to distance between people when doing business?

Whether you are doing business or socializing in our culture, (North America) the norm is what scientists call the “social” distance. This is about 4-5 feet distance between people, which

What is the best way to start a conversation besides making a statement about the weather?

Using an ice-breaker to start a conversation is sometimes more difficult than the conversation itself. Whether it is a networking event or meeting someone in a restaurant where there is

Nervous habits tend to me more prevalent when you are under pressure or stressed, particular in business meetings, interviews or giving a presentation. How can you reveal your nervous habits to maintain better control??

Nervous habits tend to surface when a person is under pressure or stressed; however, being nervous is normal. It is important to control them as much as possible. If you

Understanding Modern Human Resources Management with Virginia Means

Recently I co-interviewed Virginia Means on the blog talk radio show, The Art of Image on Understanding Modern Human Resources Management with Virginia Means and how image and brand of

Personal Branding…Self-Awareness is Key!

Self-Awareness is Key when building a personal brand! When it comes to personal branding the key is Self-Awareness. CHUVA group created the 4-Level of Awareness when it comes to branding