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What are 10 Tips that you can incorporate to boost your Interviewing Skills, according to Carole Martin, a Monster Contributing Writer?

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I found this great article by Carole Martin, Monster Contributing Writer, on how to boost your Interview Skills. I could not agree more! Take a quick look and see what

What are the top 10 marketing tips to use LinkedIN to your advantage?

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My client, Jamie Turner, at, who is a regular on CNN’s HLN program, released the answer to this question. I just had a conversation yesterday with a recruiter. She

What are 5 out-of-date job search tactics being used?

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According to Liz Ryan,  of BusinessWeek,  there are 5 out-of-date job search tactics that are killing job opportunities. Click here to ensure your doing the right thing! Parker

What is the BIGGEST mistake that people make when they begin the interviewing process?

People don’t really know who they are! Or at worst, they don’t know how to communcate who they are to others! Before you begin writing your résumé, making phone calls,

I have a friend that says he always uses one word of profanity such as “damn” or “hell” during an interview to show maturity and that he is relaxed. Is this a good thing?

Absolutely not! Using any type of profanity does not show maturity, in fact it is the opposite. Being too relaxed is not where one should be during an interview. Of

I had a job interview and I kept fidgeting with my hands. I caught the interviewer “take note”. What’s the best way to avoid showing nervousness with my hands since that is the way I show it?

If you play with your hands, or tend to play with items when you are nervous, then do not allow your hands to touch. You can gently hold your wrist

I just had an interview. Because of today’s technology, should I send a thank you note via email instead of a handwritten note card via snail mail? I am confused, please help!

You should send a thank you letter or note within 24 hours. The purpose is not only to thank them for their time, but to reiterate why you are the

What is the most important thing you need to do when you begin your job search?

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You have to first prepare! You do this by creating a Personal Marketing Plan to help you organize and stay focused on your desired career path. As in any project,