Your reputation is your personal brand! 5 things to avoid when building your personal brand.

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Your reputation is your personal brandYour reputation is your personal brand.

Everything you say, do, touch and create affects your Personal Brand. Your reputation is your personal brand! Here are 5 things to avoid when trying to build your Personal Brand!

1. Never meeting deadlines

Always meet your deadlines. If you are consistently late others will lose trust in your commitment and ability. And if ever asked if you are great for a project, chances are you will not receive an invitation.

2. Gossiping

It’s simple, don’t do it. If you hear someone talking about others around you, imagine what they say about you when you are not around. If you like to gossip, keep it to yourself. If others can’t trust you to keep the business of the company to yourself or to the group, then chances are you want be told enough to keep you worthy of keeping you in the loop.

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3. Bringing your personal life to work

This does not mean that you cannot discuss personal things such as your family or pets, but keep the “personal” stuff at home. Don’t talk about the affair you had with someone, or that your husband left you for another woman, or make personal phone calls in the office where everyone can hear.

4. I can speak the truth

No you can’t. Meaning, if you spoke exactly what was on your mind; told your colleagues, your boss or clients, exactly what you were thinking, then you would not have a very good reputation and probably find yourself out of a job. It’s not what you say but how you say it.

5. Be complainer

If you whine all the time about your job, your boss, colleagues or projects, then you are communicating to your organization that you don’t want to be there. And guess what? You probably want be for long! If you are a whiner, stop. Ask yourself why you are so negative. Why do you have to put others down in order to make you look good? This is called feeding the ego…and not in a good way.

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