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Your employees’ image is about how they look and this constitutes 30% of reaching his or her success potential. And for CHUVA beyond, it is about going beyond status quo. It is about ensuring that your employees not only represent his or her position and the organization’s brand, while exceeding their customer’s expectations, both internally and externally, but do this without losing their own sense of personal identity.

When one’s image is dated, sloppy and unkempt, then the perception of their work and abilities are also perceived as dated, sloppy and not organized. This can impact his or her success potential, impacting the organization’s bottom line.

Whether your employees are identified as up and coming or are already highly visible in the organization, this program will ensure that his or her personal brand is packaged in a way that others take notice.

The following Image Disciplines™ will be reviewed and implemented for the participant. These disciplines are key in helping communicate a competent professional.

HOW DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION DEFINE PROFESSIONAL IMAGE CORPORTE | EXECUTIVE | BUSINESS CASUAL Which idenity fits your organization? Are employees struggling with how to dress according to your organization's dress codes? Do they know how to dress for their internal and external clients? Does their image conflict with the organization's brand? learn more Strategy is KEY in Building a professional wardrobe We will help your employees learn how to build a wardrobe that is consistent with your organization's dress code, while ensuring that they represent the company and their position, without losing their own sense of identity. This is true personal branding! BACK TO OVERVIEW Image Looks Professional Images Science + Art = STYLE Regardless of your market, we can help your employees look the part. From Corporate to Business Casual we have you and your emplyees covered. Let our team enhance your employees' image to align with their Personal Brand attributes! LEARN MORE Contact LET US HELP YOU If your employee's image has become a distinct liablity, let us help get him or her on track so that they can get back to what's important! 678.720.3725

Business Impact:

  • Create a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Increase self-confidence and higher visibility.
  • Increase performance.
  • Enhance branding and marketing efforts.
  • Significantly influences attitudes and professional outlook.
  • Enhance employee morale.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Enhance career advancements.
  • Improve professionalism.
  • Increase visibility within the company.

The participants will learn how to…

  • Define and develop a personal image that reflects his or her own personal brand.
  • How to apply the CPR™ approach in business.
  • Define professional goals to align with his or her image objectives.
  • Better position themselves for any business opportunity whether they are perceived as authoritative or approachable.
  • Use wardrobe and color to make a psychological impact on others.
  • Create an effective wardrobe that represents a leader.
  • Identify which clothing style best fits their physical characteristics and personality.
  • Develop and maintain a professional image that is reflective of his or her skills and talents.
  • Build an image that truly portrays who they are.
  • Strategically build an effective wardrobe.
  • Understand how physical characteristics and nonverbal communication can affect the bottom line.
  • Buy essentials and beyond for a hi-performance wardrobe.

Professional Image