President Obama and First lady On Oprah…how is their image? Feedback?

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I watched the President and First Lady on Oprah today. I thought it was interesting what they each wore. They each were dressed correctly for their colors and styles. But the President was more formal, as he should, but the first lady wore a bright multi-colored dress. She looked beautiful! Do you think they should communicate a more combined message as they did before on the show or dress separately as they did?

Also, men, always wear over-the-calf socks with a suit and tie. President Obama did not and you could see part of his skin when he crossed his legs; more obvious from various camera angles.

Other pictures where they were more in unison…on The Oprah Show!

Great jacket on Mrs. Obama. No tie gives the Senator a more approachable presence.



I don’t particularly like Mrs. Obama in the earth tones. She is better in cool tones.

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Please give us your feedback! Would love your opinions!!


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