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The participants will learn how to…

  • Develop an effective opening and closing.
  • Understand an audience.
  • How to organize a presentation.
  • Organize speech.
  • Use behaviors and values to impact an audience.
  • Wow an audience in the first seven seconds.
  • Utilize one’s professional image to impact the message.
  • Utilize impression-management tactics to support the message.
  • Communicate more effectively, clearly and persuasively.
  • Present ideas with passion, conviction and self-assurance.
  • Create a commanding presence.
  • Develop a personal style of delivery.
  • Use voice qualities, body langue and body positioning to exaggerate points.
  • Effectively use technology to surpass visual expectations.
  • Handle unexpected situations during a presentation.
  • Capitalize on environmental factors.
  • Define the parameters of dressing for the audience.

Business Impact:

  • Persuade an audience to think differently or take action in what they are “selling”.
  • Organize thoughts into words.
  • Increase self-confidence and visibility within the company.
  • Gaines in productivity and performance.
  • Experiential environment for better retention.
  • Position oneself to set-the-tone for what is to come.
  • Respond, not react, to questions from the audience.
  • Manage fear and anxiety.