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Self-awarenessSelf-Awareness is Key when building a personal brand!

When it comes to personal branding the key is Self-Awareness. CHUVA group created the 4-Level of Awareness when it comes to branding disciplines. Depending on the Disciplines such as communication, personal image and style, or body language to mention a few, depends on your level of awareness within that discipline.

4-Levels of Awareness

1. unconsciously/incompetent

2. consciously/incompetent

3. consciously/competent

4. subconsciously/competent

An area of where self-awarness was key in my growth.

When I was starting my career a professional coach told me I talked too much. It was not the first time I had heard that. But for some reason that day the light bulb came on. I had been unconsciously/incompetent for years, now I was at level 2- consciously/incompetent. In other words, I was now AWARE but did not have the skills of knowing how to talk less or more importantly how to listen more.

Once I had this self-awareness, I learned various communication skills, I then was able to move to level 3-consciously/competent. Meaning that I had to consistently be aware (consciously) of my bad habit in order to modify my behavior to be more effective in my profession. I am glad to say, that I am now at level 4-subconsciously/competent. It is like second nature to me to now modify. I don’t always do it perfectly but I am much better and more successful in meetings and in my coaching and training classes than ever before.

Where are you in your awareness level of Professional Development? Self-Awareness is key to enhance your success potential in your career. And this awareness leads to change. And how we embrace change is also key.

I read a blog today sent to me by Thom King of Steviva Brands:  Embracing Change Through Awareness.




  • Ann Stone
    March 29, 2011, 9:27 AM  Reply

    This is so true and until I was aware of the changes I needed to make, my business was going no where.
    I had to change the whole way I did my day to day tasks and also learn new ways of communicating with others……facebook and linkin. Change is very exciting and also difficult at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing this blog.

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