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Personal Branding Books that will help you catapult your career path!

Below are the books that are currently on the market and those that will be released the spring and summer of 2018. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or recommendations!

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Coming July 2018

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How To Network Like a pro bookIn business there are fundamental etiquette, protocols, and behaviors that are critical to develop and maintain in order to catapult your career track. Everyday you deal with people either offline, online or both. Some of these situations are short-lived and some ongoing. How you deal with these type opportunities is similar to that of playing a game of chess.

You have to methodically and strategically conquer the situation in order to win. As in chess, there are two players; you, and the actual situation. The pieces to the game are the various components that you engage in during the process of finding a solution.

How you maneuver the pieces determines if you win or not. Each business situation creates an opportunity for you to checkmate the other player, the situation, and like any other game, there are rules to follow.

This book is an excellent coaching tool that consists of “coaching scenarios” to help you learn the rules, change the game and Learn How To Network Like a PRO!

Personal Branding books that will help you catapult your career path!

Coming Summer of 2018

how to dress for workhow to dress for work

Personal Branding Books that will help you catapult your career path can be found on Amazon now!

If you ever conduct business meetings offline or online, we highly recommend the business meetings book. It will help you in many ways in how to conduct yourself, and maintain control of your meetings. As a participant or lead, this book is a  must read!

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