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Kelly ClarksonI LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Supported her from day one on AmericaTammy Wynettn Idol. But they are ruining her! Who are they? I don’t know, but whomever they are, they should be fired today-immediately. And I bet when Kelly looks at the replay, she will feel the same way. Shame on these “artists” or managers who allow such a thing!

Her hair and makeup, mostly hair, looked like an old country singer, reminiscent of a Tammy Wynette, which was fine for Tammy back in the day. First, the color is too light, she is naturally dark. And the style, well, just look at the picture. It’s worth well over a 1,000 words.

Her make up…so cool on that warm skin. Her eyes look muddy – not those amazing green that eyes that are so captivating. You know Rachel Ray tried to go blonde and look what she went back to now! Dark. Why does everyone want to make these people blondes?? I don’t get it!

And the outfit…I don’t know what to say. It was not flattering to her body type at all; although I loved the shoes. The style of the outfit does not fit her natural personal clothing style. The dress did NOT go with the makeup and hair. What a mess.

Kelly, PLEASE go back to what you know best. You know your style, get back to it!! Your performance was amazing, you are beyond talented, but your look is killing you…reach out to me if you need help… I would love to get you back on track.

Kelly ClarksonAt least here she looks GREAT…as least with the lighter hair they make it work…and being on stage does not call for what she looked like…can you see the difference? Also, click here to go to itunes and purchase Kelly’s CD, it’s great, as Kelly is GREAT!


  • Amy Russell
    November 20, 2012, 4:25 PM  Reply

    Parker you are so funny! I bet you will get 1000 new clients. We hear ya! Happy TG thanks for makin me laugh.

  • Viki Johnson
    November 20, 2012, 5:03 PM  Reply

    OMG. What a mess. And the ear rings, forget about it.

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