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promotionPromotion or not? You decide.

I found this article about if a messy desk can cost you a promotion! Click here to read the article.

As you read the article remember that Perception Is Reality. If you are perceived as disorganized, then you are in the eyes of others.

According to the article, 28 percent of employers admitted they are less likely to promote someone who has a disorganized or messy workspace. Are you mis-perceived because of a messy desk?

Ways to stay organized? File everything away. Make a word doc so that you can type in tags to quikcly locate something. Oftentimes where I think it should go, was not my thinking the day I filed it. Or use a large basket or box with a cover to place items as you need them. A promotion is important, so take any steps you can to show how your organize yourself.

Although you might not be disorganized, in the eye of the beholder, you are. The approach above is not lying to others, it’s just a way of showing that you are organized, yes, maybe how they interpret organized and not you; however, they are the one who is doing the promotion, not you. Take little steps like this to help get you a promotion that you probably so deserve.

Another way of staying organized, as opposed to having stickie notes all over the place, I highly recommend Wunderlist. It helps me so much. When I have a quick thought, I put it down immediately. It’s free. You can have it on your phone, tablet, and computer. This typcially reduces a great deal of glitter on your desk, computer, and briefcase/handbags.

So take a few baby steps, get more organized, get that promotion. You will be glad that you did!

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