How do you address a formal email to a group?

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Your email can give the look and feel of a “real” formal card by the words you choose to use; particularly how you open and close the letter.

Your Salutation (greeting) would be more formal by starting with “Dear Team Members” as opposed to “Hey Everyone!” If your Salutation is more formal then your closing should keep the same tone. “Sincerely yours”, has a more formal tone where “All the best!” is less formal.

Also remember, it is best to put everyone’s email in the BCC area. Two things, one, everyone feels exposed and privacy breeched with their email showing to everyone, even if they know everyone. Two, putting everyone in the BCC makes it feel more personal, even though they know it is probably being sent to everyone at the same time. This also makes it feel more formal, than not!

Happy writing!!

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