Here are some great TIPS if attending a Webinar!

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Webinars are becoming the norm for blending training. How you participate depends how much you get out of the information. If you are not structured, like myself, or so busy that you forget, it seems that most attendees wait until the last minute to prepare.

Just like a face-to-face meeting there is preparation and more so for a webinar training. Here are a few tips to get your started on time and to help you enjoy the experience. Learn to like this process because the future is here now and here to stay!


  1. Read all the instructions carefully and make a task list that pertains specifically to you.
  2. Before attending the online meeting, test the URL link of the webinar well before the web meeting starts. You will not be able to join the conference, but you should get an idea of whether you will need additional updates or software for your meeting.
  3. Mute your speaker mic or mute your phone.
  4. If calling from home, turn off your call waiting feature. Typically you dial *70 prior to the call.
  5. If you are asked to be part of the meeting be prepared.
  6. Send an email thanking the host for the class.
  7. BE on time! Treat it just like any other meeting. If you are late you could miss out on important information!


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