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hair accessoriesHair Accessories. Yes or No in business? What do you think?

I am often asked about the appropriateness of hair accessories. Fashion basically says anything goes. Take for example, Nancy Grace of HLN. Recently she is wearing a barrette in her hair that does not work with her. I absolutely love Nancy Grace. I cannot stress that enough. But the barrette is something more that a 12 year old could wear. And the placement really seems to give no purpose.

I really liked Nancy’s longer hair when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars. I suspect they were extensions, but none the less, she looked great. There I could see a purpose for a barrette.

Guidelines When Selecting A Barrette.

1. Stay with neutral colors to create a more professional look.

2. Insects, puppies, and the like should be avoided in most business situations.

3. Match the color of your hair to keep a neutral look.

For example, darker hair color such as brown or black can do brown or black or a tortoise shell finishes. For lighter hair colors such as blond or red, gold or bronzed colored metals works well. Same is true for red heads. Keep in mind it should harmonize with your  hair color in order to be more professional.

4. Include “color” if the look is appropriate for the occasion.

5. Make sure the barrette is aligned with the total look. Keep the message consistent.

6. Avoid the big claw barrette unless it is done appropriately.

7. Darker/neutral colors work best.

8. The brighter and busier, the less conservative, professional.

9. Avoid flowers and ivy in your hair, your not going to a wedding. And yes, I have seen this

Not so great for a professional look.

hair accessories
Bows are not my favorite for business. opt for less color and noticeable.

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