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How do your employees interpret your company dress code policy?

From Corporate dress to Business Casual, your employees must reflect the image of the company, exceed the expectations of the public, yet still represent the position of leadership that your employees hold.

THE SOLUTION TO DRESS CODE POLICIES…It’s not just about fashion, it’s about business!

CHUVA beyond has created a “system” that provides a consistent message and eliminates an employee’s confusion in today’s business casual environments. Our system is successful because it does NOT DICTATE how to dress but provide parameters for dressing appropriately for various business opportunities.


CHUVA beyond’s Trunk Show can be utilized to support an existing seminar/workshop or stand alone as a way to demonstrate to your employees the appropriate business attire for your particular organization and/or division.

The program is customized to fit your organization’s needs and can be used to demonstrate the many variables that determine new dress code parameters or to reinforce an existing policy, as how one can interpret those parameters into an effective wardrobe.

CHUVA beyond’s highly interactive trunk show gives your organization choices whether they would like to utilize their employees or bring in professional models; the end result, a dress code policy effective for both the employees and the company.