What is the most common mistake that professionals make when getting a head shot taken for their marketing materials?

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Your “face” is your logo. It is your Primary Personal Branding Identity. It is the visual of who you are! The biggest mistake that professionals make when planning for their head shot is they do not hire an image consultant.

It’s not just wearing a suit or dark colors or no busy patterns. It’s not just the lighting and location. You should give your photo shoot as much attention as a company does in developing the visuals that represents their products and services. There is much more to think about then just point and click and posting your “logo” on a social media site or dropping them in a newsletter!

Here are a few steps that you can help you get organized:

1. Hire A Certified Image Consultant

When hiring an image consultant be sure he or she has experience in conducting a photo shoot. They should ask you questions such as: Where will you be using the photos? Is there a “theme” already in place where your picture will be placed? Do you have a need for various different looks:  business casual, corporate, relaxed?

Once the various look(s) have been determined then the consultant can help you with the various outfits for each shot.

Have The Image Consultant On Location. Your image consultant should communicate to the photographer the goals and objectives of the shoot. He or she should be able to work closely with the photographer. Would the shoot be in the office, house, or the photographer’s studio? The location would be determined according to the “theme” of what you are trying to create.

2. Hire A Great Photographer

Your image consultant probably has a few photographers they work with. Have him or her recommend the

one that is right for you. Ensure they bring the proper lighting; if they do not know lighting, DO NOT hire them!

A word of caution:  You need to be clear about the cost of the session as well as what photo(s) you will receive with the shoot. Ask if their would be a license fee of how, when and length of how long you can use your photo.

In addition, be aware of the size of the digital photo. What will you be using the photos for; a billboard or website? There can be a substantial difference in cost when purchasing your pictures.

3. Hire A Great Makeup Artist

For men, most photographers can help with various makeup needs. For women, it’s a much needed item. You are spending time and money; do NOT wind up with a bad photo because of your makeup. Not just the color selection but the application as well. Both aspects are critical.

Your image consultant should be able to direct the makeup artist as to what colors are best for your particular look. He or she should not tell the artist how to do their job; just let them know the professional direction you are working toward.

4. Consult A Hair Stylist

You should either meet with a stylist prior to the shoot or have them on the set. Again, have your image consultant chat with the hair dresser for the professional direction. You want to ensure that your hair, makeup, and wardrobe all communicate the same message.

I would recommend having your image consultant be on site during the shoot. He or she will be able to review each shot and ensure the clothing, hair and makeup is showing up correctly. A simple movement of a jacket lapel or sleeve can make your “logo” go from good to GREAT!

The photos in this blog were shot at the Georgia Capital for Ira Gonzalez. We had three different settings and composites for various publications. The photos were taken by Carroll Morgan.

Thanks Carroll and Ira for letting CHUVA be part of your day.

To learn more about CHUVA’s services for photo shoots, contact us at 678.720.3725.

Happy Shooting


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