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How do you address a formal email to a group?

Your email can give the look and feel of a “real” formal card by the words you choose to use; particularly how you open and close the letter. Your Salutation

Have you seen a decrease, increase, or generally the same amount of business etiquette knowledge in the workforce over the years?

Great question! Yes I have seen a GREAT increase in the need of business etiquette and protocol of knowledge in the workplace. There are several reasons for this. One, the

Is it appropriate to use abbreviated words when texting or internal emails? For example, tx instead of thanks? What is appropriate and when?

I don’t recommend using any abbreviations in emails, internal or external. Even if your emails become more like a conversation, instant back and forth dialogue, (almost like instant messaging). Texting

When you are in the middle of a 1-on-1 conversation at a networking event and you need to use the restroom, what is the proper way to excuse yourself?

If you need to excuse yourself from a conversation, I think it is best to say you need to wash your hands and that you will be back in a

When interviewing for an internal job opening is it necessary to send a thank you note to the people who interviewed you? If so, is an email acceptable, or is a hand written note better?

Yes, you should. It depends on the situation, which type. If they are going to make a decision in the next hour or so, then send an email. If they

How do you manage to remember anyone’s name right after being introduced?

When meeting new people, immediately say, “Tom, it is nice to meet you.” The key here is really listening . For some reason, most of us do not listen to their name

When you go out to dinner with co-workers and you have different status levels of employees, should the most senior person sit in a specific place or does this not matter?

It definitely matters. You want to be sure that the correct person is sitting in the power seat. At a rectangle top, this would be the ends of the table.

How can I let someone in an email I need a quick response from recipient?

First I would definitely let them know you need a quick response. Don’t over do it. If you cry wolf you may never get responses when you REALLY need one.

When a man and woman enters into a revolving door together (again at the airport), should the male let the female go first through those revolving doors? The problem with that is that the female ends up pushing those revolving doors (at least gets the revolving doors started). But then again, if the male goes first and starts the pushing, he has gone ahead of the female which seems counterintuitive to the “ladies first” protocol.

In business it is no longer male to female, but professional to professional. This does not mean that you cannot open the door for ladies. I think that opening a

What is the proper response for requests for help from internal clients when you don’t have the time or resources to devote to the request?

Wow, that’s tough. It really depends on many variables. If you really do not have the time or the resources then you need to let them know in a professional

On a business trip at the airport, should the male grab the luggage of the female from the luggage carousel?

I believe that you should help anyone, male or female retrieve bags if they need help. I think “reading” the female would tell if you if you should or not.

Here are some great TIPS if attending a Webinar!

Webinars are becoming the norm for blending training. How you participate depends how much you get out of the information. If you are not structured, like myself, or so busy

Have you seen a decrease, increase, or generally the same amount of business etiquette knowledge in the workforce over the years?

With the XYZ generation, which I call the e-generation, yes, I have seen a big drop in business etiquette and protocol in the workplace. Largely because this generation has not

When I am at a networking function, how long should I spend with each person I meet. I heard 8-12 minutes per person. Is this correct?

Actually, how much time you spend with each person depends on the purpose of your attending the function. If you are there to meet as many people as possible, then 8-12 

The other day my boss was with me on a ride along during my sales calls. I introduced the two of the them but it didn’t seem right. Is there a right way to make a proper introduction?

Yes, there is. The rule is simple. You introduce the Junior person to the Senior person. But you say the most important person’s name first, in this case, the Senior

What is the best time frame to show up at an office for a meeting?

You should arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to a meeting so that you can acclimate yourself to the surroundings and to settle down before your meeting. You do not

Even in Hollywood, performance can go just so far! Personal Branding is key:-)

Performance impacts your personal brand! Most of us think that performance is everything to your career. Sure, you have to perform to keep your job, but what distinguishes you from

Business Stationery: the lost art of communications

Business stationery is the lost art of communication. Using it today can really make you stand out to others. Hard copy correspondences are more likely to be read in today’s

I have a friend that says he always uses one word of profanity such as “damn” or “hell” during an interview to show maturity and that he is relaxed. Is this a good thing?

Absolutely not! Using any type of profanity does not show maturity, in fact it is the opposite. Being too relaxed is not where one should be during an interview. Of

I was at a networking function and this one person tended to get too “close” when speaking with me and others. It made us a little uncomfortable. What is the rule-of-thumb when it comes to distance between people when doing business?

Whether you are doing business or socializing in our culture, (North America) the norm is what scientists call the “social” distance. This is about 4-5 feet distance between people, which