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Recently I saw Carole Tomé, CFO of Home Depot speak at the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Not only was I impressed with her brilliancy, but as an Image Consultant I was impressed with her image.

Although Ms. Tomé is a natural in her clothing style, because of her short hair cut and more straight body lines, she could add some drama and she did. It appeared to be a dress with a longer overcoat. It was a soft-white background color with large, bold patterns like that of a jigsaw puzzle in brown, a great color on her. Her look was fresh and updated. This is important because if one’s look is not fresh and updated, then their products and services can be perceived as outdated.

I wanted to ask Ms. Tomé what advice she would give to the young women climbing the corporate ladder, in terms of image and dress. I would have liked to hear her journey as she developed her own personal image in the workplace.

Perhaps she could write a comment here on our blog. We would love to hear from you Ms. Tomé. Thank you for being such a great role model for young women.


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