Can I wear Capri pants to the office?

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Yes and no! You should first consider the work environment. Is it more conservative or casual? Consider the location. Are you in a beach area where it is more casual and is the norm?

I have listed a few items for you to consider when you are deciding to sport Capri’s this summer!


  • The shorter the pant leg, the more casual the look.
  • Wider hips…wider Capri pant leg.
  • Avoid tapered, tapered, Capri’s…not flattering on any body type.
  • Avoid many details…a clean flat front is most professional.
  • Utilize in a dressier fabric…wash-n-wear cottons are too casual for the office.
  • Always wear long sleeves or a jacket shirt to keep it professional.
  • For a more conservative environment that allows casual for summer, always wear a jacket with the look.
  • Dressier shoes work best, avoid flats, this just makes the look too casual.
  • If you are a Senior Leader, or looking in that direction, I would consider not wearing them. The look can take away from your personal brand.


A bad example of WHAT NOT TO DO! Unless you work at a hunting camp lodge!




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