I travel a great deal with my boss. I am a sales rep and the President of our company rode along with us on one occasion. I sat in the front as usual and my boss drove. I was told that I should have sat in the back seat, is this true?

Absolutely!! You are the junior in this case. Putting the President of your company in the back seat was a sign of disrespect. You should always defer to your seniors.

What is the most important thing you need to do when you begin your job search?

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You have to first prepare! You do this by creating a Personal Marketing Plan to help you organize and stay focused on your desired career path. As in any project,

CHUVA group Magazine

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Herb Mesa is a real life success story and an inspiration to anyone who struggles with achieving a healthy lifestyle. He is a restaurant-trained chef, and a self-taught healthy cuisine chef, as well as a certified personal trainer and fitness guru. Herb teaches that taking the time to learn his language of ‘balance through food and fitness’, anyone can become their personal best.

As a first generation American of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents living in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Herb Mesa grew up on the flavors of the Caribbean. But with these richly intense flavors also came saturated fat, calorie-rich food in large portions. This, combined with a less than ideal focus on physical activity, caused Herb to struggle with his weight for many years

What is Going On With All The Gray Eye Shadow On The Red Carpet Countdown?

As I watch the presenters and guests on the E-Channel Red Carpet Countdown show, prepare and gear up for the Oscars, I am shocked that so many of the women,

You Can’t Fit A Round Peg In A Square Hole

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Why are they comparing Michelle Obama to the past First Lady, Mrs. Kennedy? Do they really have the same look and style? Or are there similarities but distinct differences? The

What does CHUVA mean?

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