When you go out to dinner with co-workers and you have different status levels of employees, should the most senior person sit in a specific place or does this not matter?

Yes, you should definitely give this attention. If you are a guest, then you need to take the host’s lead. If you have a take control type personality, remember you are the guest.

If you are the host, you should definitely take control. A few things; ensure you follow the matire d’ allowing your guests to follow you so that you can direct everyone where to sit when arriving at the table. If there are more than 4 people then I recommend using place cards. This takes a lot of stress out of the situation.

If you are the host, you should sit at the head of the table with the most senior person at the other head of the table. Then place everyone according in rank to your right, then his or her right, and then to the left of you and so on.

Watch this video to see how the “leader” looses control by not showing someone to his or her seat! Look for the other mistakes too!

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