Trade Shows

The Front Line of Trade Show Marketing

Companies spend millions of dollars on developing, marketing and producing booths at trade shows; however, the most overlooked and KEY elements to the success of its outcome are the very ones that interact with the customers, their sales and staff members.

What We Do

The Front Line of Trade Show Marketing™” provides “PreShow™” training and “ShowSite™” programs to help organizations make the most of their trade show dollars.


Clients do not buy or communicate with collateral, advertisements, and the actual booth space. They communicate and buy from people. Then, why do so many companies avoid such critical training for those who can be a distinct liability?

Business Impact:

  • Help to ensure that your sales team and staff to be an asset to the success of your trade show efforts.
  • Develop communications styles to optimizes employee’s talents and skills
  • Build additional marketing strategies to promote the company and its brand
  • Create awareness on the way employees communicate at trade show
  • Build up competencies and professionalism
  • Increases employee’s performance

PreShow™ Training programs

In A Split Second™
Attendees make decisions in a split decision in how they are going to communicate with your team members. This program will help align your staff’s image and presence with your trade show marketing efforts. From perception to dress to image positioning, your team will be prepared for any business situation.

Mastering the Business Meal…a strategic approach
Dining and Entertaining clients provide a special opportunity to showcase your services and products. If your team members do not have a strategic approach, then your company dollars are wasted. To help ensure a return on your investment this workshop will ensure that how they converse, conduct themselves and communicate with their clients will provide the perfect selling environment.

Creating Remarkable Events-Event Staff Coaching™
While image, perception, presence, and entertaining is part of the sales process, it is critical for your team to understand their role in your success and maximizing their effectiveness of the trade show cycle.

This training program will complete your teams’ preparedness by coaching your staff toward understanding engaging prospects, qualifying, securing agreement and disengaging the prospect.

ShowSite™ Programs

CHUVA beyond’s ShowSite™ programs not only play a critical role in drawing attendees to your booth, but they provide an excellent PreShow™ marketing campaign. CHUVA beyond’s programs were created with your audience in mind and are not only extremely effective in creating qualified leads, but also provides a valuable business tool for your clients to use for years to come.

  1. Perception IDentity™
  2. Color Profile™
  3. The Duo Demand™
  4. Eyes On Video™
  5. Body Metrics™
  6. Face Facts™

Trunk Shows…The Solution to Dress Code Policies

How do your employees interpret your company dress code policy?

From Corporate dress to Business Casual, your employees must reflect the image of the company, exceed the expectations of the public, yet still represent the position of leadership that your employees hold.

THE SOLUTION TO DRESS CODE POLICIES…It’s not just about fashion, it’s about business!

CHUVA beyond has created a “system” that provides a consistent message and eliminates an employee’s confusion in today’s business casual environments. Our system is successful because it does NOT DICTATE how to dress, but provide parameters for dressing appropriately for various business opportunities.


CHUVA beyond’s Trunk Show can be utilized to support an existing seminar/workshop or stand alone as a way to demonstrate to your employees the appropriate business attire for your particular organization and/or division.

The program is customized to fit your organization’s needs and can be used to demonstrate the many variables that determine new dress code parameters or to reinforce an existing policy, as how one can interpret those parameters into an effective wardrobe.

CHUVA beyond’s highly interactive trunk show gives your organization choices whether they would like to utilize their employees or bring in professional models; the end result a dress code policy effective for both the employees and the company.

Uniform Design & Development…the business solution for wardrobe development

When developing a new uniform for your organization or updating an existing one, there are many variables to consider.  Whether it is for your “front-line” employees, special meetings, or for your exhibit booth at a trade show, CHUVA beyond and their experienced partners can help your organization design, manufacture and implement a look that is unique to your organization.

Business Impact

  • Enhance company image and brand
  • Boost confidence level of employee
  • Improve professionalism
  • Significantly impacts employee morale and attitude
  • Improve customer service retention
  • Gains in productivity and performance of employees
  • Promotes development and attracts quality
  • Reinforces companies’ brand
  • Increase company and employee’s visibility
  • Provide sense of satisfaction, which is an intrinsic motivator


CHUVA beyond combined a diversity of talents in the arena of wardrobe consultants, fashion designers, image experts, tailors, professional shoppers, and manufactures. CHUVA beyond offers this one-stop solution because it will make a project and experience easy and cost effective for corporations.


CHUVA beyond’s team of experts has help organizations implement and develop a professional presence that ultimately reflects on the brand of the employee and the organization.

Whether it was for General Motors’ Detroit Corporate Show Room and International Auto Show or for CNN’s tour guides for Manhattan and Atlanta, CHUVA beyond offers a number of business alternatives when it comes to designing and consulting corporate uniform and presence in the marketplace.


From traditional to non-traditional uniforms, we customize the clothing (design special fabrics and colors) or we can choose from a retailer’s in-season garments. Our substantial resources allow an organization the freedom not to be limited by quantity or style options.

PHASE I: Image Analysis

PHASE II: Consulting and Design

PHASE III: Management

PHASE IV: Implementation

PHASE V: Employee Orientation Training

PHASE VI: Cosmetic Evaluation Training

PHASE VII: Employee Evaluation and Fitting

PHASE VIII: Employee Retention Program


Companies can choose the complete project or select from the various Phases to accommodate immediate needs.

CHUVA beyond offers a login area on its website, allowing your organization to stay up-to-date on the progress of the project.  This will save a considerable amount of time and travel expenses for all parties involved, thus reducing the cost of the project to a minimum.

To complement the project, CHUVA beyond offers an additional menu of image training to reinforce and support the implementation of the new professional look. CHUVA beyond will meet with your management team to determine the parameters for the other elements that constitute one’s total uniform-wardrobe.

CHUVA beyond will provide an Employee Presence Booklet detailing what is required for their new look.  This booklet will be provided during the Employee Presence Training Orientation.