Proper Business Meal Manners

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Business Impact:

  1. Strategically moving confidently through a business meal.
  2. Gain confidence that will exude to others in the business arena.
  3. Enhance company image and brand.
  4. Help the employee to be more persuasive and proactive.
  5. Become an effective leader by improving professionalism.
  6. Enhance employee’s competencies to create superior efficiency and effectiveness on overall performance.
  7. Establish overall satisfaction seeking win-win solutions.
  8. Gaines in productivity.
  9. Produce valuable effects on both the organization and the employee.
  10. Provide skills which reduce overall cost of the organization’s operation.
  11. Any employee that interacts with an internal or external client when conducting business over a meal or entertaining at various venues where business is the common denominator.

The participants will learn how to…

  1. Implement tactical skills to close business deals during the dining experience.
  2. Develop dynamic competencies to open, develop and close productive business meals.
  3. Achieve peak performance by interpreting dining companions’ body language.
  4. Demonstrate organizational value and measurable return by leading results-focused meetings while dining.
  5. Strategically align objectives and social skills with the business at hand.
  6. Gain tools to entertain clients more effectively.
  7. Demonstrate how to handle various dining/entertaining at all levels.
  8. Combine business savvy abilities with dining etiquette and protocol skills.

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