How to Network Like a PRO!

How to Network Like a PRO?

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Networking is like playing a game of chess.You must master the situations by being tactical to win the game. Test your knowledge on...

the fundamental etiquette and protocols to develop and maintain your personal brand with precision.
how to recognize the players to maneuver yourself effectively.
how to be tactical to win the game.
the written and unwritten rules are in networking.
the power of body language.
how to have great conversations.
communication skills that are an essential part of networking.
how to handle introductions.
how and when to follow up with others.

Things to know:

It should only take you about 10-15 minutes to take the assessment.
Keep in mind that you cannot go back and change an answer once it is submitted.
You will receive results instantly in your web browser as well as in your email.
We will follow up with you to provide you with some tools to on how to master your networking skills.
Know that we do not share or sell your information, ever!

Best of luck from the CHUVA team!

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