Personal Branding

7 Ways Emails Can Hurt One’s Personal Brand

Emails can hurt one’s personal brand – in a good or bad way! When it comes to email etiquette at the office there are some things that one should remember

What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

I ran across this article on called, “Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Color in Marketing.” Of course this caught my attention so I read the article. Great


I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Supported her from day one on American Idol. But they are ruining her! Who are they? I don’t know, but whomever they are, they should be

Is a messy desk costing you a promotion?

I found this article about if a messy desk can cost you a promotion! Click here to read the article. As you read the article remember that Perception Is Reality.

Five things NOT to do when trying to develop and enhance your Personal Brand!

Your reputation is your personal brand. Everything you say, do, touch and create affects your Personal Brand. Here are 5 things to avoid when trying to build your Personal Brand!

What is the most common mistake that professionals make when getting a head shot taken for their marketing materials?

Your “face” is your logo. It is your Primary Personal Branding Identity. It is the visual of who you are! The biggest mistake that professionals make when planning for their

How do I determine if an image consultant is right for me? I talk to a lot of “stylist” but they do not seem to know about my business environment. What is the difference between an image consultant and a stylist and what do I need??

I get this question asked a lot. There are several things you first need to know before you seek professional services. What Is The Difference Between A Stylist And An

How much is your Personal Brand Equity worth?

What is your Personal Brand Equity? There are two components when you are talking about Personal Brand equity:  tangible and intangible. Tangible refers to how much your product brand (skills)

My wife had her colors “done”. I know it helped her with makeup and all but what about for men. Do we need our color done too? If so, why?

It is just as critical for men to have their colors “done” as it is for women. This process is technically called Color Analysis. It is a system that helps

What is in a name when it comes to building your Personal Brand?

Ralph Lauren is a very well known brand globally and it all started with his name. But his name was not Ralph Lauren, it was Ralph Lifshitz. So he changed

Even in Hollywood, performance can go just so far! Personal Branding is key:-)

Most of us think that performance is everything to your career. Sure, you have to perform to keep your job, but what distinguishes you from everyone else that has the

I am sooooo frustrated hearing about Personal Branding. What does it really mean?? HELP!

  Don’t stress out. It is not that complicated, but developing your personal brand takes a strong commitment, time and patience. You have to first wrap your hands around all

Personal Branding…Self-Awareness is Key!

When it comes to personal branding the key is Self-Awareness. CHUVA group created the 4-Level of Awareness when it comes to branding disciplines. Depending on the Disciplines such as communication,