I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Supported her from day one on American Idol. But they are ruining her! Who are they? I don’t know, but whomever they are, they should be

Hair Accessories? Yes or No?

I am often asked about the appropriateness of hair accessories. Fashion basically says anything goes. Take for example, Nancy Grace of HLN. Recently she is wearing a barrette in her hair

Fall 2012 Colors and how to incorproate them with your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette (fire, earth, air, water)

Summer is not over by a long shot but August is around the corner and retailers are going to soon be releasing Fall 2012 clothes. So I wanted to give

Are rubber sole loafers appropriate to wear with a suit? I’m considering a pair of Ferragamo loafers but they have rubber soles.

A tuxedo is the most elegant men can create with clothing. Everything around the tux should communicate the same, elegant message; from watches to shoes. My nephew was going to

Ways to clean your wardrobe and make money at it too!!

Have you heard of If not, you might want to use them as a resource for your spring cleaning. You can buy and sale, used clothes. The brands they

An interesting way to wear a necklace…have you tried this?

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Idina Menzil, most famous for her TV role on Glee, and Broadway for Wicked and Rent, adorns her look with a necklace, but worn askew…adds some flavor to a strapless

How do I determine if an image consultant is right for me? I talk to a lot of “stylist” but they do not seem to know about my business environment. What is the difference between an image consultant and a stylist and what do I need??

I get this question asked a lot. There are several things you first need to know before you seek professional services. What Is The Difference Between A Stylist And An

2011 Oscars

This blog is brought to you by CHUVA group’s Team Member, Craig Chorney. Craig is one of the most brilliant man I know in the Fashion industry. If you have

CHUVA Group Presents The Hands that Touched a King… The Exhibition

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CHUVA group recently hosted “The Hands that Touched a King…The Exhibition” which introduced world-renowned celebrity hair stylist, Lynda Parrish and her techniques to Atlanta.  The exclusive event was presented at

Best and Worst Dressed

There is not doubt that J-Lo was the best dressed. The design and color was outstanding…it showed her elegance, yet the natural side of her. Worst dress has to be

What is Going On With All The Gray Eye Shadow On The Red Carpet Countdown?

As I watch the presenters and guests on the E-Channel Red Carpet Countdown show, prepare and gear up for the Oscars, I am shocked that so many of the women,

You Can’t Fit A Round Peg In A Square Hole

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Why are they comparing Michelle Obama to the past First Lady, Mrs. Kennedy? Do they really have the same look and style? Or are there similarities but distinct differences? The