I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Supported her from day one on American Idol. But they are ruining her! Who are they? I don’t know, but whomever they are, they should be

What is the most common mistake that professionals make when getting a head shot taken for their marketing materials?

Your “face” is your logo. It is your Primary Personal Branding Identity. It is the visual of who you are! The biggest mistake that professionals make when planning for their

I am a grown woman and I still get the occasional breakout. And of course it’s like the 3rd eye right in the middle of my face. How can I cover it up to make it look like I am not covering it up?

When covering acne areas you have to be careful. If you are not, you could end up with a cakey clump on your face. Next time you get acne, follow

How To Put On Concealer For Dark or Light Areas!

  The purpose of a concealer is to cover up break-out areas or dark or light areas typically under the eyes as well as around the nose area. This blog

How can I keep my lipstick from running outside my natural lip line?

This is a problem for many women. There are a few things you can do. I suggest the following: Put your foundation on your lips as well. You should be

2011 Oscars

This blog is brought to you by CHUVA group’s Team Member, Craig Chorney. Craig is one of the most brilliant man I know in the Fashion industry. If you have

Best and Worst Dressed

There is not doubt that J-Lo was the best dressed. The design and color was outstanding…it showed her elegance, yet the natural side of her. Worst dress has to be

What is Going On With All The Gray Eye Shadow On The Red Carpet Countdown?

As I watch the presenters and guests on the E-Channel Red Carpet Countdown show, prepare and gear up for the Oscars, I am shocked that so many of the women,