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Maintaining control over a business meal is critical if you wish to determine the outcome of the meeting.

Maintaining control over a business meal is critical if you wish to determine the outcome of the meeting. How you greet a host/hostess, how you suggest where your guest might

Where do I put my napkin and silverware during a meal?

You are correct. Misplacing your silverware or napkin will not make or break the deal. Knowing the  rules let’s everyone know what is expecting of them. Imagine a society without

If there is food brought in for a meeting that is in a conference room for breakfast or lunch, when is it appropriate to take leftovers? Often the participants seem to be finished with the food, and it is just sitting there, so can I take it?

You should always ask the host first. If you are the host, you should let others know when it is appropriate to take what is left over. Typically it would

How do you manage to remember anyone’s name right after being introduced?

When meeting new people, immediately say, “Tom, it is nice to meet you.” The key here is really listening . For some reason, most of us do not listen to their name

When you go out to dinner with co-workers and you have different status levels of employees, should the most senior person sit in a specific place or does this not matter?

It definitely matters. You want to be sure that the correct person is sitting in the power seat. At a rectangle top, this would be the ends of the table.

When out with a client at a restaurant and trying to win an account versus nurturing an account, wouldn’t your behavior and actions differ? I would be more likely to have a different approach for each situation and have a difference in behavior. Please clarify the proper etiquette for these situations.

You are right correct in that you would approach it differently. How you would approach it would depend heavily on your normal behavior patterns. For example, if you have a

Here are some great TIPS if attending a Webinar!

Webinars are becoming the norm for blending training. How you participate depends how much you get out of the information. If you are not structured, like myself, or so busy

What is the best time frame to show up at an office for a meeting?

You should arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to a meeting so that you can acclimate yourself to the surroundings and to settle down before your meeting. You do not

If everyone is sitting at the table for dinner or a meeting and a new guest walks into the room, should everyone stand upon noticing the guest entering? Does it matter whether the guest is male or female?

When someone arrives at the table, it is the responsibility of the host to stand and greet the guest. Be sure to say their name, have a good firm handshake

Who should order first at a business dinner? The host or the guest?

The host should allow his or her guest to order first. My recommendation is to have the guest of honor order first. The server should take the lead from there.

I have a presentation to my management team. I am 29 and fairly new to the company. It is my first time meeting some of the team. I really want to communicate that I am competent. My content is solid. I just want to make sure I have the right image to represent what I am presenting. Any suggestions?

I recommend going for a more authoritative look. This will help you set the tone of serious and competent. There are some simple things you can do. I have listed

Nervous habits tend to me more prevalent when you are under pressure or stressed, particular in business meetings, interviews or giving a presentation. How can you reveal your nervous habits to maintain better control??

Nervous habits tend to surface when a person is under pressure or stressed; however, being nervous is normal. It is important to control them as much as possible. If you

During a business meeting, if someone is crossing their arms does this mean they are shutting you out or they are not buying into what you are saying?

Experts themselves have different philosophies on the nuances of nonverbal communication. And although this is a very complex subject matter, let me simplify it for you so that you learn

The other day I had a meeting in a client’s office. She was at her desk. While I was taking notes I caught myself placing my pad flat on her desk. It felt awkward. Is there etiquette about taking notes?

When taking notes, be sure to ask your client if he or she minds. Place the notes where only you can see them. Do not use your client’s desk when

The other day I was waiting to see a client in their reception area. I took notice of what others were reading while waiting to be seen. One was reading a novel of some sort; the other was reading a People magazine. It was then I thought, what were they “saying” to their client by what they were reading. Does this have an impact on what others think just by what you are reading?

When waiting in the reception area for a meeting you should select literature about the company, such as a brochure or an annual report. If those are not available consider

When visiting a client’s office and you are waiting to be seen where should you place the items that you have brought with you?

When sitting, you need to be thinking about getting-up. This is very important because when someone comes to great you, (hopefully you can see them coming) you should be able

There are those who listen and those who wait to talk. Which one are you?

Contrary to popular belief, having the gift of gab does not necessarily make you a good communicator. Listening is the key! When you listen, you can respond with answers that