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7 Ways Emails Can Hurt One’s Personal Brand

Emails can hurt one’s personal brand – in a good or bad way! When it comes to email etiquette at the office there are some things that one should remember

What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

I ran across this article on called, “Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Color in Marketing.” Of course this caught my attention so I read the article. Great

I’m 51 and carry a leather briefcase. Most people in my industry carry black carrying cases for their computers. Those carrying cases are made of heavy canvas material and can sometimes be carried over a shoulder. Here’s the question — Do I look old carrying the leather briefcase? Should I go with a younger, more contemporary look and buy a black carrying case?

Many folks ignore the details that define distinction when developing his or her professional image. And a briefcase is one of them. There are many variables to consider when selecting

Define your destiny…Create a personal 360 feedback to create your personal development agenda!

Being the cream of the crop is NOT being the best there is…it is being the best you can BE…And you can only be the best you can be by


I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Supported her from day one on American Idol. But they are ruining her! Who are they? I don’t know, but whomever they are, they should be

Hair Accessories? Yes or No?

I am often asked about the appropriateness of hair accessories. Fashion basically says anything goes. Take for example, Nancy Grace of HLN. Recently she is wearing a barrette in her hair

Parker Geiger of CHUVA group interviewed by journalist, Daniel Nasaw, of BBC News…The sunglasses thing.

Recently, our CEO was interviewed by journalist, Daniel Nasaw, of BBC News concerning impression management tactics that President Obama and Governor Romney were NOT doing during the 2012 election. Click

Fall 2012 Colors and how to incorproate them with your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette (fire, earth, air, water)

Summer is not over by a long shot but August is around the corner and retailers are going to soon be releasing Fall 2012 clothes. So I wanted to give

Are rubber sole loafers appropriate to wear with a suit? I’m considering a pair of Ferragamo loafers but they have rubber soles.

A tuxedo is the most elegant men can create with clothing. Everything around the tux should communicate the same, elegant message; from watches to shoes. My nephew was going to

Ways to clean your wardrobe and make money at it too!!

Have you heard of If not, you might want to use them as a resource for your spring cleaning. You can buy and sale, used clothes. The brands they

Worker fired for her ‘distracting’ figure? Have you ever been?

  I would love your comments on this article I found by Ashley Jennings of Good Morning America…click on the article Title below to read. Please let me hear from

An interesting way to wear a necklace…have you tried this?

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Idina Menzil, most famous for her TV role on Glee, and Broadway for Wicked and Rent, adorns her look with a necklace, but worn askew…adds some flavor to a strapless

Can I wear Capri pants to the office?

  Yes and no! You should first consider the work environment. Is it more conservative or casual? Consider the location. Are you in a beach area where it is more

What are 10 Tips that you can incorporate to boost your Interviewing Skills, according to Carole Martin, a Monster Contributing Writer?

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I found this great article by Carole Martin, Monster Contributing Writer, on how to boost your Interview Skills. I could not agree more! Take a quick look and see what

What are the top 10 marketing tips to use LinkedIN to your advantage?

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My client, Jamie Turner, at, who is a regular on CNN’s HLN program, released the answer to this question. I just had a conversation yesterday with a recruiter. She

What are 5 out-of-date job search tactics being used?

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According to Liz Ryan,  of BusinessWeek,  there are 5 out-of-date job search tactics that are killing job opportunities. Click here to ensure your doing the right thing! Parker

When is it appropriate to where a suit with no tie? At age 47, I find myself not wanting to wear a tie. Some of my colleagues give me a “hard time” when I show up in a nice suit, nice dress shirt, and NO tie. At the same time, they are in a shirt and tie – no jacket. I think my suite/no tie looks as good as their Shirt/Tie/No Jacket combo. Thoughts?

I agree, I believe that a nice suit, shirt and no tie, is as nice as a shirt/tie with no jacket. In fact, a jacket makes a look more formal

What do you recommend a person do to make sure they are doing the right things when giving a presentation?

Doing the “right things” is a big question when giving a presentation:-); however, there are some things you can do to help ensure that you present with confidence. It’s all

How can I let the servers know that I am in charge of the meeting (meal) and I want the check brought directly to me?

Generally if you are the host and you asked, you should be paying. It is important that you set the tone with your team prior to the meal (meeting) so

When you go out to dinner with co-workers and you have different status levels of employees, should the most senior person sit in a specific place or does this not matter?

Yes, you should definitely give this attention. If you are a guest, then you need to take the host’s lead. If you have a take control type personality, remember you