About Us

CHUVA beyond is an image and brand development company, that for the past 25 years has helped thousands of individuals enhance his or her Visibility, Image and Performance in the marketplace to help build a personal brand that is authentic to self and the organization.

We are about helping individuals be the best they can be. It is about self-awareness, self-esteem, physical image, and presence. It’s about taking responsibility, taking action, and taking control of one’s personal and career development.

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CHUVA beyond offers image and brand development programs and services to all levels of business professionals. Training solutions ranging from leadership skills, business communications, image positioning, team performance, personal branding strategies, and more. It’s about building self-confidence, and it is that confidence that translates into success.
Our programs and services are presented via a variety of platforms; seminars, workshops, private coaching, personal consulting, e-learning solutions, key-note speaking engagements, and train-the-trainer programs. All are presented in a high-energy environment via positive reinforcement, experiential learning opportunities, and multi-media interactive dynamics.
Aside from internal programs and seminars, CHUVA beyond‘s programs are also designed to achieve effective results for corporate events, leadership conferences, product launches, business meetings and sales and marketing conferences.

CHUVA beyond is dedicated to research and development in order to consistently bring the most current information and image development tools to its programs and services.

All of CHUVA beyond’s services and programs are customized according to the individual and company needs. Every need and every person is different; therefore, we do not offer off-the-shelf plug and play type programs.

Whether an audience consists of senior/junior executives, future leaders, directors, managers, account executives, or a sales team, CHUVA beyond is committed to helping professionals take ownership in developing and maintaining his or her personal brand in a way that is authentic and transparent, one that represents an organization’s already established image.

Chuva means “rain” in Portuguese.
One common thread we have experienced with our clients has been a desire for growth, which oftentimes called for change. Growth or change is not about judgment; it’s about awareness. CHUVA beyond offers its clients alternatives in this dynamic change process. In this process, like rain, we are recycling, adapting new form, shape and meaning.

Parker Geiger


CEO and founder of CHUVA beyond

Parker Geiger
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Chief Operating Officer

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